You are Life's own Special NUT.
BE the Great Oak you already Are.

Manifest YOUR Destiny!

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BE Captain of your Life

Teleios: BE Your Potential        
TransformHeal into, Grow in, Shine your Light
with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

Get a feel for Transformation: Testimonials
Wendy, this class was very enlightening, my awareness of making life simple and happy is soaring. Thank you.
   - Melinda Murdock, Greater Seattle Area
Soul changing. Releasing old patterns and emotions so more joyful positive energies can come in and be present in our lives.
   - Maria, Seattle
Goodbye, Acorn.
Hello, Mighty Oak, that Only You can Be!

Invite Soul Transformation
We all face challenges. 
While we dream of powerful self-expression and the heights of our contribution in our world,
we sometimes trip over the molehills within.

We are each a Special Nut of tremendous possibility in this world. 
No one else can be us... live our potential, enjoy our journey, serve in our unique way. 

SO, let's GO:
  • We can Overcome the things that have stopped us before.
  • We can powerfully embody our Highest Divine Expression in our lives.
  • We can enjoy the delicious fruit of our present-time expereince, and
  • We can share these Blessings with our world.

Let's invite Shift to:
You are an amazing teacher and I'm very glad you have chosen to shine your light in the world.  You have been an inspiration to me and instrumental in helping me make monumental shifts and changes in my life.  I'm very blessed to work with you.
   - Joe Brisson, Seattle

Shine your Light!

BE Whole & Complete.
Savor Spiritual Maturity.
Share your Fruit!

Heal into Light

Climb Up    
   from under the Crap!

Grow in Light


Stand firmly.
Reach for the stars!