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BE the Great Oak you already Are.

Manifest YOUR Destiny!

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TransformHeal into, Grow in, Shine your Light
with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

SoulTech is a proven system of Tools & Support for Your Life!

Utilizing Soul Technology, we can harness Inner Tools & Distinctions
while at Rest (in meditation), and in every moment of our day.

These Practices grow our inner peace & power, and
provide leverage for full and playful participation in our world.

Every session (public or private), we learn new Tips & Tools / Techniques, and review others. 
The practices build on each other, and we end up receiving A LOT of value.

Working with each SoulTech Distinction & Tool is like the game Othello:

A Minute to Learn... A Lifetime to to Master

Come enjoy a playful, easy internal practice, that can empower you:
- to comfortably meditate - even if other meditation practices have been a challenge,
- to heal yourself and shift your inner world, and
- to help you focus & play your own game in your life, as well.

We practice these Inner Tools while sitting in chairs,
but they are designed to be used in your everyday life
- no matter where you are, what you are doing...

About Practical Soul Tools:

People tell us: 'Intend your Result'.
Programs encourage us: 'Turn on a Dime'.
Ad Campaigns tell us to 'Just DO it!'

And that is great, if you can do that - hooray for you!
But, I never knew how!  Do you?

Fortunately, I found a great way to Consciously Apply Intention, that works well for me, and hundreds of folks I have trained...
Maybe these tools will work for you as well.

Practical Soul Tools give us levers to shift, from the inside out.
- To invite change. To help us shift.
- To let go. To let-in.
- To be supported here, now.
- To be connected to All-That-IS...

Get a feel for Tools & Support for your Life: Testimonials
A very empowering experience, exactly the expansion I was ready for. I have new tools to work with and a new guide to call on. Can't wait to experience more with this awesome group! Thank you so much Wendy! 
- Jill Morris, Greater Seattle Area

I have been taking a new spiritual class that is changing me from the inside out....  I have BIG hopes/dreams in/with my new spiritual path :)
I absolutely love my teacher; Wendy R Wolf, all of the student teachers that assist in my class & my class mates…  (We learn) life saving/changing tools...
Thank you SO MUCH Wendy!!!!
-Elicia Leivia, Greater Seattle Area
The tools were very helpful at this time for me. There is a part of me inside that wants to come out and also I have fear of letting it out. The tools will be helpful.
- Joseph Luther, Seattle