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TransformHeal into, Grow in, Shine your Light
with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

Get a feel for Soul Counseling: Testimonials
It is fun!  I have learned how to ground, run energy and work with my own energy. Wendy has guided me through exercises that have helped me: accept myself, release negative energy, and interact positively with others.
The most important thing I have learned about this training is that I am on a spiritual path.  The spiritual tools I have picked up have helped me develop a keen insight of that path, that journey. Going forward, it is I who is able to comfortably live in control of my choice of emotion and choice of will.
But it is fun.  I have been enjoying these learning experiences, growth cycles, with someone who I trust and can laugh with.  With someone who is experienced and warm-hearted enough for me to let my guard down.  I feel free enough to allow the changes of spiritual growth to happen, to work for a positive change in my life.  And my life has changed and I thankful to Wendy for her guidance.
- Tim Coons, Seattle

Thank you for listening and helping me see!
- Kate, NJ
Working with Wendy has changed my life in the best possible ways.  She is a truly gifted healer, and has helped me overcome many issues and obstacles.  
- Aubra Alexandar, Seattle WA

Soul Counseling:  Spiritual remedy for life's challenges.

Allow the transformation of your life from the inside out, utilizing your specific concerns as a lever. 

Receive spiritually-focused support to learn, heal, grow, and find the (dark) blessings
in your emotional, relational, professional challenges...
Then utilize Soul Tools to leverage shift within you:
  • letting-go of the things that have been tripping you,
  • keeping the gifts & wisdom you've received,
  • allowing in Blessings - water in the dry-land of your Soul.

Consider Soul Counseling instead of traditional therapy,
consensus is, this route is often faster, cheaper, and more spiritually empowering.