As you Learn to OWN Your Voice,
from a place of Resting Deep within your Soul;

without having to mess with religion 
or sit for hours in Pretzel Body Meditation

And Practice your Freedom and Ease into the world,
through Playful Singing, in a Safe Community;

without having to be a Rock Star, before you even start! 

!Especially if, right now, its confronting to sign-up to come Sing in front of folks!

Then you will begin Gracefully Blossoming 
in your Everyday Life!  i.e., into more:


  • Authentically Speaking and Living Your Truth,
  • Joyful Self-Expression and Loving Service,
  • (you fill-in the blank) ______________ .




Are you ready to Take Center Stage in your Life?
Do what you are here to do... what Only You can do! 


I'm IN!
I'm ready to begin my journey 
with a $150 non-refundable Deposit via Paypal






OWN Your Voice!
DARE to Speak your Truth, Sing your Beauty

Retreat with co-facilitators: Ben Silver & Wendy R Wolf
and several other special guests to support you to deliciously, comfortably shift, with 

body care, soul healing and tending to your singing voice… so you can bloom!

in mid-
Hudson Valley, NY:   20 min. North of Poughkeepsie, East of New Paltz
Labor Day Weekend 2017:  Friday Sept 1st evening - Monday Sept 4th afternoon

We will work and play together with:


  • Body and Soul tools; learn & practice techniques and distinctions which help you act from a stable base, with creativity and passion, in your Singing, as well as in your life.


  • Movement, breath, energy, meditation, focused intention and vocalization, to support you to gently open to deeper healing, transformation and self-expression.


  • Large & small group interactions; as well as individual sessions, to address your personal self-care, your challenges & opportunities. Support, training, modeling from folks who embody in various ways, how you want to BE where You want to GO.


This all-inclusive, 3 day retreat
is packed with delicious & nutritious goodies;  valued at $1300

Ben & Wendy are offering this Retreat together, for the first time, at half price: $649
Please be in touch ASAP, to plan.

All-inclusive price includes:

  • retreat with Ben & Wendy,
  • workshops and private sessions with other facilitators, 
  • delicious home-made meals, with vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, and food-allergy options
  • camping / basement crash-space,
  • extra activities - chances to play and connect: morning, afternoon and evening, 
  • adventures in beautiful Momma Nature
  • AND an in-ground pool onsite!

Lodging upgrades available - limited beds & futons, pubic and private rooms.  Contact for details.

We will send more info after you send deposit - accommodations info, food info, packing list, etc.

Please Invite your friends, it’ll be more fun AND you will save: contact Wendy for details.





Are you ready to Take Center Stage in your Life?
Do what you are here to do... what Only You can do! 


I'm IN!
I'm ready to begin my journey

with a $150 non-refundable Deposit via Paypal




Great but,

What will we be doing?  
How will I get from where I am, to where I want to be?


Ben and Wendy each have tremendous Mastery in their chosen fields, 

following their calling  with passionate dedication...

They will share with you what they have found that Really Works for them
and for many they have trained and supported,




As the core of this Retreat,

You will receive 16 hours learning and practicing with Ben and Wendy
(along with many other goodies)



Half the time - about 8 hours -
Ben will be leading, focusing on DOing what you want to do: Vocal Training and Presence/ Stagecraft 

  • Leveraging skill building exercises, and learning distinctions to assist your vocal range, full expression, power, leaderful presence...
  • Enjoying circle singing to actively learn, integrate, and practice group and solo performance.



Half the time - about 8 hours -
Wendy will be leading, with internal focus, on Being who you want to BE: the Captain of your Life, OWN your voice, and your Unique Calling...

  • Learning and Practicing, from the inside... out, utilizing playful exercises and active meditation (learning while sitting in chairs, and then utilizing tools on the go)
  • Opening to your safe foundation, and increasing the inner tools and distinctions available to you, to make it so much easier to let go of the old, and invite in new energy, new habits, new ways of being... and doing.





Are you ready to Take Center Stage in your Life?
Do what you are here to do... what Only You can do! 


I'm IN!
I'm ready to begin my journey 
with a $150 non-refundable Deposit via Paypal





Great but, 
Who are these people?
Why should I trust them?

​First, let me (Wendy) say why I have wanted to create this retreat together with Ben for Many years, and I am so grateful to be doing it now!
I am blessed to be friends with Ben for about 25 years.
We have played together, have many friends in common, and I love his family.

I trust Ben to
- take care of our group, and each individual.
- listen, support, and comfortably challenge each of us in our next step in authentic self-expression, courageous truth-sharing, natural beauty-shining presence.

He is committed to these things, lives this things... as I do.
Meanwhile, Ben brings so much that I am excited to learn-from.

Ben will share with us his:
- tremendous talent, training, and experience as a performer, a vocal mentor, and a Circle Singing Facilitator.
- easy, bright stage-presence, and heart the size of the pool we will be swimming in ; )

Now on to the usual stuff...



Ben is passionately committed to holding space for people to find their voice.

Singer, vocal improviser and teacher Ben Silver’s music slides through R&B, jazz, folk, funk, world music and more.
- He has been performing and teaching Vocal Improvisation, Ensemble Skills and other singing workshops on both coasts for over 25 years.
- Ben's songs have been published in Carry it On, Sing Out Magazine, the Washington Post, and “Hearing Everyone’s Voice.”

Ben runs a monthly CircleSinging Series in NYC, and has presented, taught and performed at arts festivals, conferences, and retreats.
- He has been a frequent guest leader at Sing for Your Life, an annual CircleSinging marathon in the SF Bay area started by Bobby McFerrin.
- In 2015 Ben had the opportunity to teach his class "Change it Up; Keep it Going" for other Circlesong leaders as part of a week-long Circlesongs workshop at the Omega Institute.

Want to see what Ben tends to offer?






Wendy has the ability to gently and lovingly assist you to move past the obstacles that have seemed insurmountable in your life.
Debra Russell      


Wendy is passionate about supporting you to uncover Light, Love, Truth, Life within,
and from there: Shine in your world.

She has Equipped & Inspired thousands of people to Shift their lives;
Utilizing a soul technology that levers our internal system,
to FOCUS our Attention and Apply our INTENTION, to be:
- comfortably present,
- safely empowered, and
- ease-fully inviting the shifts that we choose.


Leveraging spiritual tools allows changes in life that would be otherwise unimaginable.
Ryan Glassmoyer           

Wendy is a Natural & Trained Soul/Psychic Healer, Ordained and also Certified as a Spiritual Teacher; after 4 intense years of learning and practice at CDM Spiritual Center in Everett, WA.

* Since 2005, Wendy has served as a Trusted Healer & Soul Transformation Facilitator in her own bi-coastal business:
Heal Grow Shine: BE Your Potential

* Simultaneously, she served 5 years as a lead teacher and assistant director of Psychic Awakenings, in Seattle, WA.

Wendy was born & raised at the Jersey Shore.  Since 2002 she lives in beautiful Ballard (Seattle), with her partner Michael; returning regularly to the NJ area to serve clients, as well as play with family, friends, and her beloved Atlantic Ocean.

Learn more at her
Yelp page.

Wendy's abiding passion for spiritual deepening, healing, growth & presence make her a remarkable supporter for you on your unique journey.
- Delia Yeager    



Are you ready to Take Center Stage in your Life?
Do what you are here to do... what Only You can do! 


I'm IN!
I'm ready to begin my journey 
with a $150 non-refundable Deposit via Paypal















OWN Your Voice!
Dare to Speak Your Truth, Sing your Beauty

Retreat in mid-Hudson Valley, NY
Labor Day Weekend, 2017

Teleios: BE Your Potential        
TransformHeal into, Grow in, Shine your Light
with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

You are Life's own Special NUT.
BE the Great Oak you already Are.

Manifest YOUR Destiny!

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BE Captain of your Life