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Get a feel for Meditation Coaching: Testimonials
Thank U Wendy! ...What a gift group meditation is! The vibration of consciousness I received... A deep grounded sense of belonging to a community. Fully integrated within myself. Fully present. Fully sensing & connecting to others with an open heart.  Fully safe & secure within myself. A beautiful melody of belonging & being a part of the whole, while simultaneously fully experiencing my individuated self. 
Something like being a bee within the hive or a pea within a pod.... So we humans together create humanity.....Ultimately we are all one!
- Tamela Graling, Seattle

I’d been searching for a way to meditate, but was left mostly reading spiritual books and praying to get in my daily devotion. After finding this meditation I no longer think about devotion, and I don’t even think about guidance in the way that I used to. Today I have changed (the way to see and deal with life) and my perception of God has changed. Meditation has brought me intimately closer with the peace I already felt and sought. Now I know when before I merely believed—now I AM.
-Ryan, Seattle
Wendy, Thank you for facilitating the meditation workshop last night. I counted at least 23 people!
You have an amazing ability to accept these others where they are on their path.
I enjoyed your laughter. It was so light and bubbly. You are truly talented.
- Janet DeGrave, Greater Seattle Area

Meditation: Life's answers surface from within.

Practice your direct Soul Experience: Communication, Blessing & Authority... spiritually.
Meditation is the foundation of everything we practice and offer. 
We 'Be still and know', more deeply. 
We keep our spiritual eyes on our Source, and we are filled with Light!

In Meditation Coaching:  You can learn Soul Techniques/Tools & Tips/Distinctions which make meditation so much easier than you may have experienced in the past. 

Invest in a 'personal trainer' for your Soul
teaching, supporting, inspiring you to build spiritual muscle
and to go further than you thought you ever could in your inner Journey, and in your life!   
You are Life's own Special NUT.
BE the Great Oak you already Are.

Manifest YOUR Destiny!

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