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TransformHeal into, Grow in, Shine your Light
with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

Be Safe, Comfortable & Powerful as a Healer

Conscious Change / Growth / Development for ourselves AND to assist others: 
  • Let's open to Mentoring, Healing, and Transformation for US,
  • so we can flexibly, safely and powerfully assist Others and our World. 

You can become a SoulTech Facilitator!
Of course, the first step is to
Master the SoulTech Practices for yourself

Flourish, while Transforming our World

Founder Wendy R Wolf identifies as a Healer.
She was called as a Healer-Becoming in 1995, and immediately started breaking
, and learning... the hard way!
Since then, she has gone through an amazing Roller-coaster of Injury, Chronic Illness, and Transformation.


In 2005, with increasing well-being, having learned to powerfully heal and create in her life, as well as safely assist and inspire others to do the same; she began investing in her life’s work in a whole new & powerful way:  serving soul evolution.

On the way, she has found amazing tools, distinctions, and practices that WORK -
Soul Technology that supports us as Healers to Heal and Transform ourselves, AND assist others.

She is inspired to share these powerful transformational tools & possibilities with
Healers who want to deepen in their own healing, WHILE BEing Healing in our world. 

Wendy LOVES to work with other Healers! 

To support your journey and assist you to do your calling, with more joy, grace and ease.

Beginning early this century, Wendy received extensive training and mentoring in:
  • Energy Healing,
  • Spiritual Coaching & Teaching, and
  • Opening to Soul/Psychic Information and Abilities.

She has been practicing ever since!
  • Healing herself and Transforming her life.
  • Assisting hundreds of others in their Healing and Transformation Journey.
  • Creating many healing tools & designing new healing modalities, that build on top of her original training.