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with SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life!


with Founder, Wendy R.Wolf

Get a feel for Developing Your Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities:
Wendy's energy is wonderful - very clear & loving - both flexible to the needs of the participants, and solid in her own knowing, wisdom & power at the same time - intuitive and joyful and fun.
She's clearly a gifted teacher & healer, committed to her own growth and that of her students.
Thank you Wendy!
- Joanie McCoy, Freehold, NJ
I really enjoyed the permission to feel playful while we learned/worked with some tools that help to open you up to your clairvoyance . Very validating and fun :)
-  Kimba, Seattle

Wendy R Wolf is an incredible instructor and healer. Since I started attending Wendy’s workshops and classes, my life has changed and the way I experience myself and others has improved dramatically. In addition, she is an excellent teacher and her energy and presence always has a positive impact on me. I use her techniques daily and continue to attend her classes.
I have also brought friends to her workshops and they always thank me for it and want to come back for more! I would recommend Wendy to anyone I know, and do! She is awesome!
- Danielle Peterson, Seattle

ACT as spirit, embodied - Develop your Soul Senses & Spiritual Abilities

You are already Psychic - Open to Your Unique Soul Experience:  We are not only body, we are also spirit, with spiritual capacities. Let's comfortably and safely allow our spiritual gifts to flourish. Seeing our unique path & experiencing our unique connection with All Our Relations.

You are already a Healer - Flourish, while transforming your world: Conscious Change / Growth / Development for ourselves, and assisting others:  Let's open to Mentoring and Healing for US, so we can flexibly, safely and powerfully assist others and our world

You are already a Spiritual Teacher - Be & Do Solidly: Let's become more conscious about how we share our Light & Wisdom!  Deepen our Certainty (to Know & Trust our Soul Truth), our Seniority (Being the authorities we are, within), and our Power as Leaders, Parents, Instructors, Coaches...

You are already Manifesting - You are Co-Creating your Reality with every internal vibration, intention & action:  Do it Consciously: Let's Transform our World!  Bring more Powerful, Positive Creativity into our lives & world.  Don't just rearrange deck chairs, turn the Titanic!

You can become a SoulTech Facilitator!  
Of course, the first step is to master
SoulTech for yourself